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  3. deadlyspoons:

    I either dress like im going to a red carpet event or like im a homeless drug addict there is no in between

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  4. y2kid:

    i will do a lot of things but admitting im cold to my mum who told me to bring a jacket isn’t one of them

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  5. tupacaroni:

    why are mondays so long they take like 3 days to finish

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  7. kittycamp:

    I get progressively uglier throughout the day

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  8. kingsleyyy:

    me: i can’t eat anymore im full

    food: eat me

    me: ok

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  10. angrynerdyblogger:

    cats can straight up do that double jump video game thing

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  11. babyhongbin:


    you may look like a bride but you will never bring your family honor

    one day when i try to get a boyfriend this will come back to bite me

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  14. disggrace:


    anxiety in one screenshot

    the fact that it is 2:14am makes it worse

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